Since its inception, OneSmart Education has spared no effort in social philanthropy and has been determined to become China's most humane educational institution. OneSmart understands that education is not only a long-term business but also a public welfare undertaking. By persevering in charity activities, OneSmart hopes students can not only appreciate the power of love and dedication but also pass the concept of social responsibility into the continued development of OneSmart Education.
Over the years, OneSmart Education has continued to organize a series of charity activities including volunteer teaching in Qinghai, community services participated in by employees and students, services for left-behind children, orphanages, and other charitable activities, which are beneficial for our society.
OneSmart Education Foundation
In June 2010, OneSmart Education Foundation donated 1 million yuan to set up the “Shanghai Education Development Foundation (SEDF) OneSmart Scholarship”
In August 2013, OneSmart promoted to set up the Shenzhen OneSmart Education Foundation and became the first educational institution in China which owned a public foundation. The foundation respectively set up OneSmart Scholarship at universities such as Peking University, Anhui Normal University, and Nanyang Normal University, and provided event sponsorship and public service support for university research projects, campus activities and other educational forums.
In January 2014, OneSmart won the Outstanding Contribution Award of Donating for Teaching-Aid at SEDF's 20th anniversary.
On May 7, 2017, the ceremony of 2016 SEDF OneSmart Scholarship was held in the OneSmart Future School.
In addition, OneSmart Education also sets up the “SEDF OneSmart Education Scholarship” at East China Normal University and Shanghai Normal University to subsidize to-be-teacher students with excellent academic qualifications and guided them to engage in education after graduation. So far, OneSmart Education Group has donated more than 540 million yuan to the Shanghai Education Development Foundation.
OneSmart Education Scholarship
The OneSmart Education Scholarship aims to encourage and guide the graduates of normal universities to engage in education and support the progress of higher education.So far, OneSmart Education has set up scholarships in universities and colleges, including Peking University, East China Normal University, Shanghai Normal University, Harbin Normal University, Anhui Normal University and Nanyang Normal University, with a total donation of more than 6 million yuan. Hundreds of students with outstanding academic abilities have been funded to successfully complete their studies and started their teaching careers.
In June 2010, OneSmart Education Group donated 1 million yuan to set up “Shanghai Education Development Foundation and OneSmart Education Scholarship”.
In March 2013, OneSmart Education Group donated 2 million yuan to Shanghai Education Development Foundation and OneSmart Education Scholarship”.
In April 2014, the ceremony of 2013 SEDF OneSmart Education Scholarship was held.
In January 2014, OneSmart Education Group won the Outstanding Award of Donating and Teaching-Aid at SEDF's 20th anniversary.
Family Education Practice Guidance Center
The family is the first classroom for a child, and parents are the children's first teachers. In 2015, the Ministry of Education issued the Guiding Opinion on Strengthening Family Education, and family education is increasingly valued by the state, the education sector and every family and parent. OneSmart hand in hand with the Chinese Society of Education, jointly created a professional family education services, and set up a family education practice guidance center.
Secondary School Campus Handbook
OneSmart Education prints thousands of handbooks annually to help students learn to grow.
Learning Power and Family Education Courses
Dragonfly Radio provides public service course “OneSmart Parents' Classroom” which has broken through 20 million listeners. The Attention Training Summer and Winter Camp have been organized for more than 30 times, winning the praise of both parents and students.
Campus Public Talk
OneSmart Education organizes a team of more than 20 second-level counselors, family education mentors, psychology masters, and psychology society members, to carry out one hundred public lectures in public schools each year, and invited Lu Qin, Chen Mo, and other star mentors to conduct several large-scale public forums.
Employee Charitable Activities
OneSmart Caring Month, the annual large-scale public welfare activity, is held in January each year. It aims at utilizing the resources and advantages of OneSmart Education in adolescent education and psychological construction, and organizing staff to carry out a series of public welfare activities with diversified forms and rich content. Over the years, OneSmart has continued to organize a series of charity activities including the dedication of teaching in Qinghai, promotion of community service participated by employees and students, service for left-behind children, orphanages and other charitable activities.
“Micro Willing,Hand in Hand” Help Your Dreams Come True
In May 2017, with the help of NetEase's platform, the CYTC Central Television and Television Center launched a campaign to help people achieve their dreams and attracted more attention to left-behind children.
OneSmart Love Library
Since 2012, OneSmart Education has joined ISOL (ISOL was established in 2009, aiming to improve the quality education for poor children and to make them grow happily) and started to build love libraries for children in mountainous areas. Cooperating with over one hundred communities, OneSmart in 19 major cities such as Shanghai, Beijing and Guangzhou has bought and donated tens of millions of books to primary schools in Sichuan and Guangxi. Children in mountainous areas have been greatly benefited from this activity and OneSmart achieves their dreams of reading books.
OneSmart Love Fund
In August 2013, OneSmart Education Group Love Fund was officially launched. The love fund is a special fund established by OneSmart Education Group to care for and support OneSmart active employees and relatives who have practical difficulties in life. The principle of OneSmart Love Fund is to save those in emergency, support those in distress and aid those in misery.
The Group first allocated 2 million yuan as the initial fund to provide certain financial relief and condolences to employees and their families who have suffered hardship due to serious illness, accidents and natural disasters. At the same time, the company also provides interest-free student loans for families who have financial difficulties and whose children are currently registered in higher education in public primary and secondary schools and university specialties in the country.