Big Events
U.S. Secretary of Education Dr. John B. King Jr. visited OneSmart, the only one education group during the visit.  Roboland, a high-end teenager robot instruction brand was founded.
Established the "OneSmart Teachers' Development Base" and cooperated with the Institute of Schooling Reform and Development of East China Normal University.
Admitted by the Chinese Society of Education as its corporation member.
iOneSmart Learning Manager, a leading O2O intelligent learning platform in the industry was introduced.
Happymath Classes brought out O2O animated courseware for children's math learning.
OneSmart Chinese, focusing on Chinese learning of children between 3 and 12, was established.
OneSmart Study Tour was officially established
The MOST Task-oriented method was introduced.
The power learning principle of “Student based, teacher-aided, active learning with multiple interactions” was put forward, stressing the importance of active learning.
The first study center: Da Mu Qiao Study Center in Xu Hui District, Shanghai was opened.
The UPC Power Learning Improvement System was launched.
Undertook the 30th Annual Academic Conference of the Chinese Society of Education and established a platform of academic and experience exchanges for more than 2,000 experts and professionals, principles and teachers.
OneSmart Classes were officially established.
OneSmart English for Kids & Teenagers was officially established.
The headquarters was relocated to the historic building built by the famous Rong Family.
The OneSmart Online University rolled out as an innovative online employee training system.
Comic figure of Xi Zhang was published to enhance the brand recognition and to keep close to students.
Signed a strategic partnership agreement with Peking University.
Put forth the "Third Classroom" to be a complement to the "First Classroom"(family education) and the "Second Classroom"(school
education) through personalized teaching and services.The Shenzhen OneSmart Education Foundation was founded.
OneSmart became the first education corporation with a public welfare foundation.
The concept of Power Learning was put forward.
Happymath Classes were established, which integrated “Harvard Case-Based Teaching” into elementary education.