Investment Philosophy
Investment Philosophy
OneSmart Education Group, with the mission of “Learning Capacity Makes Your Future”, invests in and develops educational products and service which can help improve the quality of children's learning, with an emphasis on emerging markets, new products and technologies that have great potential. Combined with accumulated leading education operation system and management experience, OneSmart Education Group integrates industry resources with achieving diversified, international rapid development and to construct a high-end education circle.
Investment Orientation:
We focus on the construction of K12 education ecosystem, including but not limited to K12 education, academic school, online education, pre-school education, overseas study, quality education, family education and other fields.
Investment Advantages

① Accumulated experience and understanding of the education industry

②  Experienced in operation systems

③  Abundant teaching and research resources

④  Powerful resource docking and integration capabilities

⑤  Innovative post-investment service

⑥  Professional investment team

⑦  Standardized and mature investment process

⑧  Diversified exit channels

Company's Investment
A one-on-one online tutoring platform for primary and secondary students. JIAYOUXUEBA provides online tutoring for millions of students and parents through the technologies of electronic black board, real-time voice interactive, and learning data processing.
Personal learning platform for children which specializes in providing one-on-one on-site learning service. With the mission of “liberating parents and helping children grow healthily and happily”, BABY BANG aims to become the leading private 020 platform for children in China.
MOGUPEIYOU is a professional offline institution, which specializes in offering Mathematical Olympiad courses and mathematical thinking training for primary, secondary and high-school students.
HZ Coding
HZ Coding is a computer education institution for teenagers. HZ Coding has a set of computer course curricula and provides professional tutoring for computer science subject in public high schools in the Zhejiang Province. Catering to different students, HZ Coding offers diversified teaching methods and aims to develop and cultivate students' interests and thinking patterns.
Online education institution focusing on primary and secondary tutoring. Combined with OneSmart's offline education resources, teaching management system and advanced Internet technology, 1MI FUDAO achieves real-time interactive teaching for teachers and students. 1MI FUDAO is a leader in self-operated mobile online education.
Child-care educational institution for 6-12 years old. Based on child-care business, JIAXUETIANDI develops Habit Power Modal (HPM) Methodology and dedicates to the habitual development and learning power development for 6-12 years old children by using the chain management model, 020 service platform and large-scale and standardized operation of community education centers
XIAOWAIBAO is a National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ) listed company, focusing on teenagers' comprehensive skills competition. Based on off-campus education, XIAOWAIBAO organizes offline activities for teenagers and children. It has built an Internet competition platform that integrates arts, science and technology, sports, and international certification. At present, XIAOWAIBAO extends its global market, actively introduces well-known international professional competitions and develops international cultural exchange activities.
FasTrack English
FasTrack English is a famous chained brand of English education, offering English courses specially designed by linguistic and psychological experts for 3-12-year-old children. Based on children's physical and mental development and learning features, FasTrack English develops Positive Innovative English Reinforcement (PIER) Methodology and combines with diversified course content and standardized curriculum. FasTrack English aims to provide a non-threatening English learning environment for children to learn English joyfully.
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