Power  Learning  Changes   The  Future
About Us
ONESMART Education Group Ltd. is a high-end and diversified education group established by graduates of Harvard and Peking Universities, with our business widely developed in China. Holding to the belief that “power learning changes the future”, we are dedicated to improve students' power-learning abilities (The combination of the learning motivation, learning abilities and learning perseverance) and creating a dynamic and efficient third classroom. Sub-brands owned by the group include OneSmart VIP, Happymath Classes, Fastrack English, JuRen Online School, UUabc and Bestmath Online Class.
Teaching Philosophy
Our Aspiration
Third Classroom for the utmost Learning Power
Family Education
Family education is children's first-tier education. However, many families have neither access to appropriate educational ideas and methods nor enough time to stay with their children. Therefore, more guidance and support should be given to parents in the family education sector.
School Education
School education is the second-tier education received by children, which shoulders the responsibility of producing elementary education, science and ways of thinking. However, it is a real challenge for traditional schools to personalize education with so many students to take care of.
OneSmart Education
OneSmart is dedicated to creating the third classroom after the first classroom (family education) and the second classroom (school education) to improve children's power-learning abilities through personalize teaching methods based on different learning habits, conditions and methods, thereby creating brilliant futures.
OneSmart's Education
Building “key competencies” is the priority of educational reform in recent years. OneSmart's third classroom provides abundant practices and various platforms for students such as minor courses, debate competitions, speech contests and table football training to improve their all-round qualities. OneSmart also cooperates with the East China Normal University to generate the third-classroom personalized improvement system, power-learning product and comprehensive qualities improvement system. OneSmart has built a strategic partnership with the Graduate School of Education, Beijing University, established the “Family education Practice and Research Base” with the Chinese Society of Education and its Professional Committee of Family Education and set up the “Power-Learning Researching Program” with the Institute of Schooling Reform and Development of East China Normal University.
Our News
OneSmart Education innovatively put forward the concept of Power Learning. Specifically, learning ability is a general term for learning motivation, learning ability and learning perseverance. It is the most important and core competency in a person's sustained success.